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Lyme Disease: How to Protect Your Family

Ticks are carriers of Lyme Disease, but many don’t know what that is, or for that matter, how to deal with ticks. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad of Western Suffolk has just what you need.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is bacteria-based and spreads to humans via ticks. It produces a number of possible symptoms, including headache, fever, fatigue, and skin rash. If a person goes too long without treatment, it can spread to the nervous systems, joints, and even the heart. Because people can only get Lyme Disease from infected ticks, it’s important to prevent your exposure to ticks and to take steps to protect your family.

Tick Control

The Mosquito Squad of Western Suffolk team are experts when it comes to protection from ticks. We utilize our proven barrier spray and tick tubes to fully control the tick population. Our barrier spray is the same kind that we use to combat mosquitos, and is able to kill adult ticks on contact. Tick tubes, meanwhile, work by affecting the food source for most young ticks: mice.

Studies have been completed about the nesting habits of mice which enables us to safely use them in the war against ticks. Our biodegradable tick tubes have a specially-treated cotton inside them. Mice take this cotton and return it to their nests to create comfortable bedding. When the mice go to sleep, any young ticks feeding on them come into contact with the specially-treated cotton and are killed before they can grow into a larger threat to you and your family.

Why the Mosquito Squad?

When it comes to taking care of pests, many people want to take care of the problem themselves. However, ticks are a different kind of threat: because they latch onto the skin of their host often in areas that are hard to see, and may feed for days—possibly weeks—before being noticed. This puts the host at risk of Lyme disease and other dangerous diseases and illnesses. It’s easier to kill these pests before they harm your family, and we offer professional assistance to insure your family sleeps more safely at night. If you are worried about your family, contact Mosquito Squad of Western Suffolk today!

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