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Beat Mosquitoes and Ticks With All-Natural Solution in Western Suffolk and Northern Nassau Counties

Mosquitoes and ticks threaten your comfort and health. You want to eliminate them from around your home and you’d like an all-natural solution. You might feel like this puts you in a challenging situation, but Mosquito Squad of Western Suffolk has spent the last decade perfecting natural ways to battle these pests. Throughout Western Suffolk and Northern Nassau Counties, our family run business is ready to help you tailor a solution that is perfect for your home and all-natural.

How it Works

You may not be familiar with all-natural pest control, but the formula is fairly simple. A combination of essential oils creates a specific (but faint to a human nose) fragrance. The oils kills ticks and mosquitoes on contact while the fragrance works to prevent a return. The all-natural solution needs to be applied more frequently than industrial alternatives (every 14 days as opposed to 21 days), but we still guarantee its effectiveness and your satisfaction.

Risk Free Trial

If you would like to explore our all-natural mosquito control solutions, we can help you take the steps, risk free. We offer free consultations. You can fill out a form to have us contact you, or call us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to discuss the details of your yard so we can outline a potential solution. All of our work is supported by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We want to make sure you can live with adequate pest protection, and we are passionate about that commitment.

Education Improves Results

While treating properties is effective, we would never stop there. We are dedicated to providing education that can help people reduce the risk of diseases spread by ticks and mosquitoes. We have a list of simple tips that can help homeowners manage pests themselves. In addition, we have partnered with Malaria No More to provide tools and education to help fight the Malaria epidemic that has hurt so many in Africa. We are wholly devoted to defeating these pests.

Have a conversation with us and see why we are regarded as one of the region’s friendliest and most reliable mosquito control providers. Let our passion lead you to a plan that is sure to manage mosquitoes

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